Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (160) Fly - 飛

The big seal script for character Fly is

which is a bird. Some people may ask why the bird means Fly not Bird?

Let's see the big seal script for character Bird

which is a side view of bird when we see a bird standing on a tree.

The character Fly is a bird opening its wings, which we can only see when a bird is flying.

A bird opening wings means Fly, if a bird no opening wings means Bird.

The small seasl script for Fly is

which is very similar to the big seal script one.

The clerical script for Fly is

which is similar to the older script, especially the right part two 飞, which like the bird wings. But the left bottom is not like a wing.

The current traditional standard script for traditional character Fly is

which is almost same as the clerical script.

The simplified counterpart is 

which is a wing of bird, or part of the traditional character of Fly. This simplified character is not as good as the traditional counterpart, but it is not bad because a wing is related to flying.

The pinyin of this character Fly is Fei1.

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